'Are we there yet?' - The travel game for kids on the move

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Looking for ways to keep kids entertained whilst on the move? The Are We There Yet? game will help time fly by whilst travelling and prevent children and adults from becoming bored by looking out of the car or bus window for objects, situations, vehicles and people as shown on your cards. This classic version of the 'I-spy' game requires players to have their eyes peeled and contains 100 cards featuring fun, colourful and imaginative illustrations. Once you've decided how long the game will be - either in time or distance,  the dealer shuffles the cards and deals five facedown to each player. Each card not only features objects, people or scenes for players to 'spy' but also there are points given to each sighting. For example, an evergreen tree is one point, a bus stop is two points and a no-vacancy sign is three points and every sighting made must be outside of the vehicle. When a player spots what's on their card, they point it out to the other players and hold up the corresponding card. That card is put to one side and a new card is taken from the pack. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game. Are We There Yet? is a brilliant birthday gift, a super stocking filler for children aged 6 years and over and a must for journeys ranging from city driving and to suburban bus routes.

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