Aurelie Kraft Cardstock Chalk Ireland

Aurelie Kraft Cardstock Chalk

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Chalk coloured kraft cardstock

  • 10 Sheets
  • 2-Sided
  • 220 gsm
  • A4

General information on Kraft paper/Cardboard.

Kraft is a type of paper made by the kraft process (or: sulphate process). It is a porous, sturdy paper type that is suitable for biodegradable and recyclable packaging, shopping bags, paper bags, large envelopes and similar applications. It also serves as cover paper for the protection of (school) books. In bookbinding, kraft paper is used in the English spine (hollow back binding) and protective sheets can be made of bleached kraft paper.

The raw material for the kraft process is softwood, preferably wood with long fibers such as fir and pine. In the kraft process wood chips are treated with sulphate and hydroxide; dissolving the lignin. After removal of the lignin the remaining fiber is virtually pure cellulose. The kraft paper that is made from this is stronger than lignin-containing paper. The pulp in the kraft process is dark in color and so is normal kraft paper, just like normal brown wrapping paper. The pulp can be bleached in order to achieve lighter colored paper. Weight: 220 g/m².

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