Collall White Glue 100ml

Collall White Glue 100ml

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Type of glue: White washable glue based on Polyvinyl acetate dispersion.


  • Thick white glue
  • quick drying
  • Dries transparent
  • Easily washable

Solvent: Water

Main Ingredient: Polyvinyl Acetate

pH: +/-5

Specific gravity: 1.06 kg/dm³

CE: yes

Adhesive consumption: about 180 grams per m 2 , arranged on one side.

Application: paper, cardboard, cork, wood, felt, polystyrene foam, leather and light plastics 

Allergens: contains CMIT/MIT. May cause an allergic reaction.

Suitable for: Children from 3 years. 

Cleaning: When the adhesive is still wet, tools / surfaces can easily be cleaned with water. Remains of dried glue soak with water for a while and then still easy to wash off or wash out.

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