Cricut • Wavy Blade + QuickSwap™ Housing

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Get a decorative edge in half the time than a drag blade with a gentle wave cut for a wide variety of projects. To add a whimsical wavy edge to any design, just snap this tip onto the QuickSwap Housing and tell your Cricut Maker to "Go!" This specially sculpted stainless steel blade is great for original vinyl decals, iron-on designs, envelopes, Cards gift tags, and collage projects, or any time you need fabulously finished edges and stylish design accents. Perfect for iron-on, vinyl, paper cardstock, fabric, and more. For use with Cricut Maker machines. Expand your collection of Cricut Maker tools with a variety of QuickSwap tips. Just swap out Wavy Blade with any other QuickSwap Tip including Engraving Tip Debossing Tip Scoring Wheels, and Perforation Blade with more on the way.

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