Pyrography pen set

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With this pyrography tool you can engrave names, write beautiful quotes and make rustic drawings on all kinds of objects like wooden cutting boards, trays, ladles, picture frames and even bird boxes! Most pyrography is done on wood (which is why it's also known as wood burning) but it's also suitable for other materials, including leather, canvas and cork.

The wood-burning pen is great for small soldering jobs or cutting styrofoam. Thanks to the heat deflecting shield and holder, you can work and place the pen safely. The wood burner comes with 23 different attachments, including tips in different thicknesses and 'stamps' with various shapes. Some of the tips make it possible to solder and cut. The easiest way to engrave on wood is to stroke the wood burner lightly over the material. Please note: the longer you press the wood-burning tool on the wood, the darker the results become.

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